Thursday, January 19, 2006

All-Time Near Mets Team

Over the years, the Mets have been rumored to be in so many deals, for so many players, that it would be staggering to keep track of all of those rumors (although I'd pay good money for a detailed recap of the trades that were supposed to be that never happened!) However, there have been a few players who were rumored to be coming to our beloved orange and blue, who of course, for one reason or another, just never made it. As I reflect back on over 35 years of attending games at Shea, here is a list of my favorite players who were, at one time or another, supposed to become Mets. Let me know some of your favorite near-Mets!

1B~Willie Mays Aikens
2B~Jose Vidro

SS ~Alex Rodriguez
3B ~Carney Landsford
LF~Manny Ramirez

CF~Andre Dawson
RF~Vladimir Guerrero
C~Ramon Hernandez
SP~Barry Zito
SP~Mark Langston
RP~Danys Baez
DH1~Reggie Jackson (yes, I know we don't use a DH for more than a few games, but I HAD to get the fact that the Mets didn't draft him in exchange for Steve Chilcott somewhere on this list!!)

DH2~Dave Winfield - I was convinced we'd beat out the Yanks for his services- moral of the story- whatever stock I buy, buy the OTHER one!

Editor's Note: Okay- the names are being added already- Jonathan wants to add Dickie Thon as our back-up SS, as he was supposed to be traded for Craig Swan years ago (as was Landsford). My brother wants me to add Jim Edmonds, who was supposed to be traded from the Angels to the Mets on at least 2 occasions. Any other additions?

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