Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Duaner Sanchez = Good!!! Bret Boone (Minor League Contract) = Good!!! Omar = Good Job!!!

At first glance, the best thing about the Mets receiving Duaner Sanchez for Jae Seo is that we didn't trade for Baez. I don't want the Mets to make any deals with Tampa, after they fleeced us out of Kazmir, unless it was some lopsided one such as Lugo, Baez & Huff for Royce Ring (hey-I'd better be careful because the papers have been floating every ridiculous rumor as a potential trade and they might grab this one). I also don't want Baez as he does not want to be a set-up man and is prone to emotional tantrums. Furthermore, Sanchez is very flexible, meaning he can pitch long and short relief, as well as close (if needed), and his arm is very durable. I saw him pitch with the Dodgers a few times last year, and was impressed with his stuff. His heater hits 95, but usually floats in at around 92, which is fine in the sixth inning (especially after coming in for Trachsel or Glavine).

Signing Boone to a minor league contract is a great move, as it costs us nothing and who knows- maybe we'll strike lightning in a bottle once more (and I am not talking about a little bottle that contains injectible substances). At worst, we spent a little cash to see what Boone has left; at best, we are getting a former all-star and gold glover who might be a solid addition to (what we hope is) a pennant-contending team.

Trivia Quiz Answer:(From Monday)
Wayne Twitchell, Richie Hebner & Tom Grieve (all within 1978-1979).

More tomorrow!

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