Saturday, January 28, 2006

It's January 28th- Do You Know Who Our Mets Are?

Over the next few weeks, before heading to spring training, we're going to discuss the potential roster (and roster moves) of our beloved Metsies. With that being said, here are the questions that we need to ask, regarding our roster. We'll have another column closer to opening day discussing things to look for during the season that we think will be key to our success in 2006. Here are the questions we will address:

1.) Who's On Second?

2.) Which of the 15 candidates will make it to the final round of "Be A Member of the Mets Bullpen "06"?

3.) Can a starting rotation back-ended by Heilman & Zambrano be successful?

4.) Will the combo of Nady & Diaz prove sufficient in RF?

5.) Which Cliff Floyd will we see this year?

6.) What batting order will Willie Use? (We addressed this a few days ago, but it needs to be discussed again and again, until it sinks in!!!)

7.) What kind of defense will we see this year?

8.) Will we have any quality minor league answers if our roster is riddled with either injury or poor performance?

9.) Is Jose Reyes ready for the big time?

10.) Can Carlos Beltran become the hitter we thought he'd be with Delgado in the line-up?

There are a lot of other questions about this team, particularly regarding Willie's management and the coaching staff's abilities, but again we'll address these issues closer to opening day. We're going to answer the above 10 questions over the next few weeks, starting today.

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