Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tracy to the Defense of PLD; Praises Sanchez

Lest anyone think that I don't appreciate our new Mets catcher, Jim Tracy, PLD's former manager with the Dodgers recently was interviewed on his move to the Pirates. Questions were asked of Tracy regarding the ex-Dodgers, now Mets, particularly Sanchez and PLD. He was/is extremely enamored of PLD's character, timely hitting and great game-calling skills. Most importantly, he said that PLD is a great clubhouse leader and players love pitching to him and playing with him. Of Sanchez, Tracy loves his make-up and stuff, and said when Gagne was out and Brezbhan was ineffective, Sanchez held the bullpen together. He said you can't understate Sanchez's value, as he possesses a rubber arm and can do a variety of things (middle relief, late relief, close) that are invaluable to a manager and therefore to his club. Also, Tracy said Schmoll is not merely a throw-in and should prove to be valuable to the Mets bullpen as well.

Tracy is, I believe, one of the game's finest managers as well as being a heck of a good talent evaluator, and I take his word most highly. Obviously, Omar does too, and we are the beneficiaries!


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