Monday, January 09, 2006

Upcoming Topics

I have renewed appreciation for bloggers everywhere, as holding to a deadline to print something is a LOT tougher than one would expect. Between family issues and full-time employment, it's not so easy finding time (and brainwaves) to publish everything I'd like to on this blog. Therefore, from now until Spring Training, I will be posting at least 2 articles per week (of course there will be more if Omar gives me additional topics to write about!) These posts will include:

~Jerry Koosman- Hall of Fame Worthy!

~Tom Seaver - Winer??? (As in wine-maker!)

~Why Be A Mets Fan? Why Am I A Mets Fan?

~Off-Season Report Card (Player moves only)

~All-Time Greatest Mets Team

~All-Time Worst Mets Team

~All-Time NEAR Mets Team

~Spring Training Public Relations Suggestions

These are just a few of the planned posts to come within the next few weeks. If there's something else you'd like to see, or any suggestions at all, please contact me via this site.

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