Sunday, March 05, 2006

Catching Up - Part 4

David Wright graces the cover of the latest issue of ESPN Magazine, but not on the West Coast. Wright is what this game needs more of- gamers who want to impress the fans, are hard on themselves, don't take themselves too seriously, are great in the clubhouse (just ask Cliff Floyd) and work hard, very hard, on perfecting their game regardless of how well their previous season went. Wright makes it fun to watch the game, much like Dontrelle Willis, and luckily we'll have him on the roster for a number of years. Let's act like the old Cleveland Indians and sign Wright to a long-term contract now, giving him peace of mind financially so that all he has to worry about is performing on the field. A lot of players come up like Wright, loving to play this great game, and they end up jaded as a result of arbitration hearings, public contract battles, etc. Yes, it's a game of millionaires, but it's also a game of young boys running out every ground ball. It's up to the Mets to keep Wright focused on what matters most, so agents, reporter, etc don't take his eye off that ball!

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