Monday, March 06, 2006

Interesting Comment From Omar w/ Steve Phillips During Game Today

Steve Phillips was having a conversation with Omar during today's telecast, and the topic of the Mets rotation came up. Phillips had previously told the viewing audience that the only reason that Kris Benson had been traded was due to the whole Anna brue-ha-ha, particularly as it related to her comments about Carlos Delgado. Once Omar joined him, the discussion ran back to Benson, and, in order, Omar said the trade was about:
a.) Making a spot in the rotation for Heilman,
b.) Clearing salary,
c.) The players we received in return (Julio & Maine, who pitched very well yesterday),
d.) It was a "baseball trade"...
Doth Omar protest too much? When he said it was a baseball trade, Phillips & his cohort laughed loudly...could Steve be shilling for Omar, able to say what Omar can't while Omar maintains political correctness? That's how I would have handled it if I was Omar, and Phillips is a sportscaster and it's his job to offer opinions...perfect scenario, perfectly played...let's see how long it is until Anna wears out Kris's welcome in Baltimore....

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