Wednesday, April 05, 2006

April Fool's Gone Afoul? Anna's "Anguish" A Hoax?

On the day that Anna Benson's publicist alleged that she and Kris were getting divorced, Jonathan immediately thought that this was a publicity stunt in order to pull an April Fool's joke on the media. The timing was stunning because of Anna's just published FHM photos and the plethora of articles about Kris that appeared the day of, and the day before, this announcement was made. Now we learn that Anna "rethought" the divorce over the weekend and says that she and Kris are going to work things out. Hmm....methinks that Ms. Anna Hotbody/Fair face was talked out of embarrasing herself and never got to say "April Fool's" as she would have liked, as her publicist obviously convinced her that it would simply make her tainted image even worse. At this point, I'm just glad Kris isn't in NY anymore because the distractions are far worse than losing him from the rotation. Good riddance, Anna...

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