Monday, May 29, 2006

2B Becomes Flavor Of The Day - Is Kep Going To Get A Chance?


Kaz Matsui is no longer the "regular" second baseman, at least according to Willie Randolph today. We should expect to see a rotation of sorts, including Chris Woodward and Jose Valentin, as well as Matsui, who should still see the lions-share of work there. With Jeff Keppinger still hitting in the high 280's and Ahern still at Shortstop in Norfolk, is there a chance that Kep might actually see a promotion sometime in the next few weeks? One can only hope, as we still contend that he is our best offensive option at the position. It seems that Ahern has become both an insurance policy for Reyes, as AAA players are supposed to be, as well as a cog in any upcoming trade for a front-line (or mid-line) starting pitcher.

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