Friday, May 26, 2006

Where Have They Gone...?

No, not Joe D- how about Bob Keppel, Justin Huber & Edgardo Alfonzo? Keppel was just promoted to the majors with Kansas City (isn't that a paradox?). Jonathan and I had the opportunity to see Keppel pitch in Spring Training 2 years ago, and we thought he looked great at the time. The ball was popping in the catcher's mitt, and he seemed to have a solid, smooth motion. Sadly, like so many of our prospects, he was injured shortly after and eventually released. We wish him well in KC! Justin Huber, Australian star-to-be at catcher who was jettisoned as a third piece to the Kris Benson deal, is being tried as an outfielder, also with KC. He seems to be their first baseman of the future, but KC is desperate to get his bat into their lineup next year and is hoping to make him a more versatile fielder in order to keep him there. Finally, our old friend Alfonzo was released by the Angels and signed to a contract with the Toronto Blue Jays. Here's hoping this classy guy gets another chance to redeem himself.

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