Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Deja Vu? No, Deja NEW!!!

Folks, we have NEVER had a Mets' team like this! Most of our successful teams have been centered on pitching and defense, but this year's model is based on offense (and how!) and depth of bullpen/bench. Our starters, even with the success of Martinez & Glavine, have been nothing to write home about, certainly not in comparison to Seaver/Koosman/Gentry, or Gooden/Darling/Fernandez/Ojeda. Our defense has been good, sometimes spectacular, sometimes not, but we cannot (yet) be compared to a team with Olerud/Alfonzo/Ordonez/Ventura/Piazza as an infield. Our bullpen, however, is far deeper than any we've had before; our bench far more timely and uplifting; and, most of all, our offense has been more amazing than at any time in our history! In '69 & '73 & 2000, our offenses were nothing to write home about, and even in '86, we didn't have a line-up of big bashers. This is the most exciting team, offensively, that we have ever fielded, and it may even be, dare we say it, a more exciting team then even our '86 model! It's a long way out, and 63 games do not make a season, but we're Mets' fans, and we don't get much baseball joy, so let the hyperbole fly, let the accolades overwhelm, and let us all soak in the joy that a 7.5 game lead over the Phils & a 10.5 game over the Braves can bring! Now let's talk SWEEP!!!!

(Editor's Note: We won't be able to post much between now and Friday, but we'll get in whatever we can. We'll be back strong over the weekend, as we relive 1969 with the Baltimore Orioles coming to town!)

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