Wednesday, July 26, 2006

July 31st- Let The Deadline Bring What It May...Or Pedro & Maine & Pray For Rain!!!

Like every crazy baseball fan, we count the days until July 31st. This year, with an 11.5 game lead over the Braves, and with too many teams in races to figure out what's what right now (yeah- like YOU would have predicted the White Sox would now lead the Twins by only 1 game!), it's impossible to predict whether we're going to be able to pull the trigger on a deal for a front-line starter or a back-of-rotation guy. We've all heard the same names- Armas, Hernandez & Wells at the back end, Willis & Zito at the front, Meche somewhere in the middle...however, we are hoping that a healthy Pedro, Maine, who after today's win seems to be finally coming into his own, and the returning Bannister will fill in more than adequately down the stretch to help us get to the promised land! We're not going to speculate, although we love to read rumors; instead, we're buckling in for a ride once again on the Omar rollercoaster!!! Hence our new motto:

PEDRO & MAINE & PRAY FOR RAIN (with all due apologies to both Spahn & Sain!)

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