Monday, August 28, 2006

Glavine's thoughts

Marty Noble at writes about Tom Glavine and his thoughts on taking the division away from the Braves:

The final days of this summer, Glavine's fourth with the Mets, will produce distinction; he's sure of it. What happens after the 162nd game, who knows? But before that game is put in the books, the Mets will almost assuredly put an end to the Braves' record run of 14 straight division championships.

Glavine spoke of the possibility of unseating the Braves in Spring Training and several times thereafter. Beating the Braves hasn't been a consuming objective, but rather a fun by-product of what has been a special summer for the Mets.

When that day arrives, though, when the process of elimination is complete -- the Mets' magic number vis-a-vis the Braves was 14 through Saturday -- he will cackle.

"To have been part of all they've done and then be a part of the team that ends it ... it'll be cool," he said.

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