Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mets Put The "Rotate" In Rotation

If someone told you at the start of the season that the Mets would have used (approximately) 13 starters by this point in time, and NONE of them was named Aaron Heilman, you'd think we were back to being a second division club. Now we find out that Orlando Hernandez is going to miss his scheduled start on Saturday, being replaced by Brian Bannister. Oliver Perez (#13) is replacing Glavine until next week. Lima and Iriki await in the wings - and where you have gone, Victor Zambrano?! This is starting to look like a very long episode of "Survivor"...and we are still the second best team (record-wise) in baseball with a chance to sweep the second-best team in the NL, the Cards. What a confusion this season has been- and practically never more exciting! Oh- by the way- the Mets released Rickey Ledee today to make room for Shawn head is spinning with these recent roster moves! See you after the game!

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