Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Wright's Thoughts

Mike Vaccaro at The NY Post writes about David Wright and the slump he has been going through:

For a few moments there yesterday, David Wright may actually have believed that. Everyone knows that Wright's been going through a lull the past few weeks, that the dog days have bitten him on the ankles a bit, that baseball's relentless mathematics have begun to catch up to him a bit. Wright himself conceded he has spent more than a few sleepless nights beating himself up lately.

"But it isn't because my numbers were down, it honestly wasn't," he said. "To me, when I struggle, I feel like I let the team down, and I don't want to be the guy people point to as letting these guys down. Fortunately, they've been picking me up. If we were losing, it would really be tough to take. But when you're putting Ws on the board, no one cares who's struggling."

"Sometimes," he said, "things really just don't go your way."

But this is David Wright we are talking about, remember, golden kid with a golden touch and a platinum attitude, who for much of the season looked like a cross between Roy Hobbs and Joe Hardy. If he has only hit two homers since the All-Star break, if he has barely hit over .200 in August, he's still the heart around which these Mets have been built, and will be built.

"It's a humbling game," Wright said. "If you forget that, it's always there to remind you. Carlos was always about winning, no matter how tough things got for him. And A-Rod, he'll be fine, he'll be coronated all over again if that team wins a championship. That's all the fans in New York care about. They don't worry about your individual statistics. They care about winning. The other stuff takes care of itself eventually."

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