Monday, September 25, 2006

A look at 2007

At MLB Trade Rumors, they talk about the 2007 Mets, the concerns for them and who they should go after in the off season:

The Mets come in at about $81MM with this group, excluding Glavine. If Glavine were to stay maybe the sides would meet in the middle at $11MM. While it's true that not every player listed above will receive a Major League salary, some guys will get raises. Let's say they're at $95MM with Glavine, and $84MM without. The Mets entered the season with a $101MM payroll.

One hole the Mets should fill is second base. There are your usual mid-range free agents, and then there's Alfonso Soriano. Soriano could be used in left field if the Mets trade Milledge or decide he's not ready. Recent word is that Sori will be priced out of the Mets' range. I think that's silly given the playoff revenue and payroll room. Sure, the Mets don't need him. But why not build a National League juggernaut? His offense could become vital if, say, a 35 year-old Delgado gets hurt or declines. There's also Julio Lugo, who would be happy to play second as a Met.

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