Monday, September 11, 2006

A look at the Playoff rotation

No one can say anything about the Mets season anymore this year. They can’t say that we’re having early success and will fall like the Orioles last year. They can’t say our pitching failed us and that the constant injuries to Floyd, Pedro and whoever our second baseman was, was going to derail us in what has seemed to be a magical year for us so far.

Now without getting too far ahead of myself, I will hit on the post season starting pitching and the pros and cons of each option:

Pedro Martinez:

Pros – Pedro has pitched in 13 post season games, including a 3 hitter in the World Series back in 2004, with an ERA of 3.40. I don’t think it gets much better than that. He is a proven winner cut and dry. With him on the mound we will always have the opportunity to win the game.
Cons – Pedro is just coming off of the DL and might not be ready for the post season on his scheduled start. All we can do is just wait and see if he can pull through in time. But this is just a small concern as many people in the Mets clubhouse see no reason to worry.

Tom Glavine:

Pros – Tommy has pitched in 33 post season games, 5 of which were in the World Series with a 2.16 ERA, and a combined ERA of 3.44. Tommy is another proven winner. With all of the starts he has made in the post season, his cool demeanor will help the rest of the team behind him calm down.
Cons – Tommy has been slipping as of late, with the exception of his last start, and calls for a little concern to how his finger feels, how his shoulder is doing and if he gets away from pounding the inside to hitters.

Orlando Hernandez:

Pros – With the best ERA, 2.55, in the playoffs in the Mets staff he is a shoe in as the number three starter. He has an ERA of 2.20 in the World Series. Hernandez is a post season pitcher. It’s what he was born to do and you will definitely see his best stuff come October.
Cons – Hernandez isn’t as young as he used to be. He does tire faster, but has proven to be a workhorse at times. All we can do is hope that he gets a big enough second wind that can carry him through the playoffs.

Now here is where the picture gets a little fuzzy. There are realistically 2 pitchers that I feel could take over the 4th pitchers slot:

Steve Trachsel:

Pros - It comes down to one very simple fact, the Mets win when he pitches.
Cons – Trachsel has the worst ERA on the staff at 5.17 and it’s not likely that he can be trusted with a critical game in the post season. He also has only one inning pitched in the post seasonand that came in 1996 with the Cubs.

John Maine:

Pros – The kid has been nothing but phenomenal for the Mets this year. He had a stretch of three starts and one relief appearance that he allowed no runs. He has been a surprise and a welcomed breath of new air in the Mets rotation.
Cons – He has allowed 14 home runs in only 12 starts and he is still young, so you don’t really know how he is going to react to the post season. He still has to work on his slider and curve ball a bit more and he may not be ready in time.

The wild card:

Dave Williams:

Pros – There is just something about this guy that I like. Since coming over to the Mets he has posted a 3.24 ERA and a 3-0 record in 4 starts. He hardly ever walks people and is a workhorse.
Cons – He has a tendency to almost never get through an inning without giving up a hit. During the post season this could come back to hurt him. Not really a cause for alarm but he has allowed three home runs in those starts which may or may not be a problem.

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