Friday, September 01, 2006

Mets #1, Yanks #2, in ESPN Rankings

ESPN rates the Mets as #1 in their weekly power rankings, with the Yanks coming in #2, followed by the A's and Twins.

About the Mets:

With the lineup the Mets roll out on a regular basis, the ride to October has sure been an impressive one.

About the Yanks:

Derek Jeter is in the top 10 in the AL in the following categories: batting avg., on-base pct., runs, hits and steals. Pretty good!

They are also alluding to the potential of another subway series:

As we enter September, all indications are that we're headed for another Subway Series. But if you live outside of the New York metropolitan area -- and there's a fair chance most of you do -- never fear: There's still plenty of time, and baseball, remaining.

For the second straight week, the Mets and Yankees are ranked 1-2 in our Power Rankings. Residing just below the battle for New York are the Oakland A's, now at No. 3. The A's just keep winning, enough to hurdle the mighty triumvirate from the AL Central.

The only thing, at this point, better then the thought of the Mets winning the Series is the thought of the Mets beating the Yanks to win the Series- and avenge 2000!!!!

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