Friday, September 29, 2006

Pedro out for season

Marty Noble at writes about Pedro Martinez and the bad news the Mets got last night:

Hours after the club finally got around to the starting assignments -- Game 1, Orlando Hernandez; Game 2, Tom Glavine -- general manager Omar Minaya announced that Martinez would not pitch in the postseason because of a muscle-tendon tear in his left calf, an injury detected via MRI exam Thursday after Martinez had returned to New York for tests. A tear of a muscle in his right calf had been the cause of his month-long late-summer assignment to the disabled list.

While the extent of the new injury was unexpected, Martinez's being unavailable for the postseason didn't come as a shock to the Mets.

"When he walked off the mound [Wednesday] night, I don't think any of us was optimistic he was going to pitch," Glavine said Thursday night after he learned of Martinez's latest malady.

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