Monday, September 11, 2006

Shea Called A Dump...

In today's Washington Times, writer Mark Zuckerman rates all 30 baseball stadiums. Of course, our beloved, and deservedly maligned, Shea Stadium finished in last place.Zuckerman writes:

30. Shea Stadium, New York Mets -- It's a dump, plain and simple. The concourses are filthy, the amenities antiquated, the upper deck is five miles from the field and the sound system has to be pumped up to ridiculous levels to offset the ever-present roar of jets taking off from nearby LaGuardia.

The great news, of course, is that ground was broken on our new stadium. The bad news- not much will be done to rehab Shea in the next few years while our un-named stadium is built. And here, after going there 40+ years, I was finally getting used to the idea of urinating into a trough...(LOL)

For a link to Zuckerman's article, click here.

By the way, PNC Park was ranked #1, AT&T (nee Pac Bell) Park was ranked 3rd (our personal favorite) and Petco (San Diego) was ranked 6th, our 2nd favorite.

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