Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vote for Endy

With the sudden surge in Achilles tendon problems with Cliff Floyd, the most recent one happening just one day after coming back to the team from the Disabled List, it would make more sense to put Endy Chavez in as the starting Left Fielder. He is hitting .314, with an On Base Percentage of .354 and has made no errors. He has one of the most incredible catches this year for the Mets.

This move would stabilize the team as a whole. Knowing who was going to be in Left instead of Willie spinning the roulette wheel and whoever it lands on, goes and fills in. I know Chavez has been getting most of the playing time while Cliff was out but it’s about time we give him what he deserves.

Just like Jose Valentin, he is having an incredible year. So now I ask you on election day to vote Chavez.

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