Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wright and Reyes on the bench

Bryan Hoch at Mets.com writes about the one game david was on the bench and his thoughts on Reyes on the bench:

David Wright was back in the lineup Monday after taking off the final game of the series in Houston. He said he understood why Randolph issued him the day to rest, but also said he couldn't see himself adjusting to life on the bench anytime soon.

"It's tough to sit and watch when you're used to being a part of it," said Wright, who described himself as the Mets' "head cheerleader" for Sunday.

Still, Wright said he was a far tamer observer than energetic shortstop Jose Reyes, who also sat out one day over the weekend. Randolph said in Houston that he wanted to keep Reyes as far away on the bench as possible.

"He's the worst," Wright said, jokingly. "He's so loud and he jumps around. He's actually great for that. People are trying to concentrate and he's there yelling and screaming. Guys were telling him to go into the clubhouse."

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