Friday, February 23, 2007

Let The Debate Begin Again

Mike Vaccaro at the NY Post, writes about Aaron Heilman and talks about if he should be a starter:

They have been steadfast about this issue. Some would say they have been stubborn about this issue. The Mets see Aaron Heilman as a relief pitcher, even if a lot of people - Mets fans, other teams, Aaron Heilman himself - see him as a starting pitcher, one with a live arm, an impeccable disposition, and the willingness to do whatever is necessary to scratch out a slot in the rotation.

"He is a mainstay in our bullpen," Willie Randolph said more than once during the first week of Mets' training camp. "We have a very good bullpen, and that a real strength of the team, and I don't know that I want to go messing with that."

The Mets have the purest intentions here. As good as their projected opening-day lineup is, as robust as their offense should be, the core strength of this team is in the bullpen.

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