Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Minaya The Rising Star

Douglas Benton at Real GM Baseball writes about Mets GM Omar Minaya:

Winning in New York is like none other in sports, which is exactly what Omar Minaya has found out in just two seasons with the New York Mets. By adding talent to just about every area of his team and being one game from the World Series, Minaya has raised the Mets to the level of cross-town Yankees and the expectations going forward.

Omar Minaya is what some would call a rising star in the industry, as he is only in his 5th season as a general manager and is nine months shy of his 39th birthday. A lack of experience hasn’t slowed Minaya though as he spent three years helping navigate the then-Montreal Expos through their days of being owned by Major League Baseball. Progress could be questioned, but it can be said that even if Minaya didn’t move the Expos forward, he didn’t allow them to go backwards before their eventual move to Washington D.C.

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