Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Starters Off To A Good Start

Bob Herzog at Newsday, writes about the Mets pitching staff and how pleased Rick Peterson is:

"We hit the one-mile mark in the marathon," Peterson said after John Maine became the first Mets starter not to pitch into the sixth inning this season. "About every six or seven games is like a mile in the marathon. So it doesn't really matter that you get off to a quick start. If anybody can tell me who won the first mile in the New York City Marathon, I'd be curious.

"Of course, it's how you finish that counts, but the good start by a supposedly suspect starting rotation is certainly an auspicious sign.

"I'm pleased about it but I'm not surprised about it. I said all spring that we had more talent than people give us credit for," said Tom Glavine, who along with Orlando Hernandez, was one of the two proven starters in the rotation.

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