Monday, May 28, 2007

Citifield On The Way...15% Done, and Counting!

Over at the mets website, they offer an update on the contstuction of the Mets new ballpark, Citi Field, which is approximately 15% completed. Considering that construction just recently began, they are making excellent head-way for the expected opening date, April 2009 - Opening Day!

I remember, years ago (mid-70's), heading to Shea for mini-bat day, and parking at Shea was horrible. We parked in a lot that belonged to one of the auto bodies that took up the entirety of 126th street, for $2, and walking back, I couldn't help being relieved to have one of those little bats in my hands...of course, having my dad next to me was more comforting, as was the fact that, eventually, a few cops poked their heads out, but I, for one, won't miss those aging eye-sores (although I hope that the business-people received help in relocating) nor will I miss the old fence boxing in the Shea parking lot, either. As long as they don't touch the subway, all will be well...although sprucing the station up a bit (with televisions broadcasting the pre/post games) would be nice...

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