Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Much To Do About Something

Carlos Delgado is in a season long slump (.209 BA; 3 HR) and still hitting in the clean up position. I know a slump is a slump and there’s nothing anyone can really do to change it. But Delgado being in a slump, lets pitchers throw the way they feel like to Carlos Beltran. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but the Mets are losing and that changes everything.

Below are two remedies that could fix the Mets losing problem. It won’t fix Delgado’s slump. Nothing can fix that, except for Delgado himself:

1. If Delgado were dropped to the number six spot in the lineup, David Wright and Shawn Green, each, move up one spot. This would alleviate pressure off of Beltran to try and hit pitches that he normally wouldn’t see if Delgado were hitting with his usual consistency. Having Lo Duca batting behind Delgado is in no means, like having Wright back you up. Lo Duca is, however, swinging one of the hotter bats on the team and could provide the kind of protection that Delgado needs to get back into his stride.

2. The more evil of the two is to just flat out sit Delgado. The Mets could move Shawn Green to first, where he’s seen playing time and stick Carlos Gomez in right field on a regular basis. This would alleviate the Mets offensive woes and cure a big hole in right. Delgado makes way too much and is too valuable of a leader for Willie to ever do this, but it is an option.

At any rate, Delgado needs to break out of this horrendous hitting predicament he’s gotten himself into and start contributing. I don’t know how to say it any other way.

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