Friday, May 18, 2007

When Is $10 Worth $100,000??!!

When a Met fan bets a Yankee fan $10 that the METS will take the series (winning minimum of 2 of 3)...amazingly, all I've heard lately is how the Phillies have an advantage with a better inter-league schedule, and that the Mets (and Braves) have it so hard...while it's true that playing the Yanks, Twins, Tigers, etc., is not an easy road to victory, these so-called "experts" surely must realize that, in order for a team to make it to the World Series, they will have to face a number of good (or great) teams along the way, and a truly great team, as we believe these Mets are, will rally to the challenge as they have in the past 10 days so well! Now, before you yell at me for ONLY betting $10, I was willing to go to $100 but the person I was betting with (a transplanted Yankee fan -see, there are a few of those guys, too...) could only hack the ten-spot. In years past, I would have had people falling over themselves to make this bet with me, offering odds, $50 for every $25 I bet,, how times change!!! So, to answer the question posed in the title of this entry, "when is $10 worth $100,000?" When the METS take 2 of 3 from the Yankees this weekend- and I actually get to watch 2 of those games on national television!!! Enjoy this year's version of the Subway Series!!!!

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