Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Gomez Gets Overwhelmed

To go along with Dave's last Post, at the Gotham Baseball Forum, Not4Nuttin (screen name) writes about Carlos Gomez and how he has a tendency of getting overwhelmed to a new level of ball:

Gomez seems to have a history of being overwhelmed when he first jumpt to a new level (this year at AAA being the exception). Last year, he started extremely slowly at AA last year, hovered at or below the mendoza line, then turned it on for the last few months of the season, batting over .300 if I recall. Same pattern had happened the prior year, if I recall correctly.

The most noticeable difference in Gomez over the past few weeks is that he has cut down on what was a Dave Kingman looking, all-or-nothing type of swing. He can still make it more compact, but seems much more controlled now and slightly more comfortable at the plate.

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