Monday, January 02, 2006

Omar: In The Words of Joan Rivers, Can We Talk? Just Say No To Tampa!!!

I thought you had finished my first posting from earlier today on this, the inaugural day of my blog. Apparently, you have only read through part of it, because today’s NY Newsday (my old favorite NY paper, now only available to me via the internet, but that’s what happens when you live in Las Vegas) is reporting that the Metsies are about to acquire Baez for Kaz and Jae Seo. Okay, Omar, repeat after me – Baez, bad, Seo, good, Baez, not needed (cough, cough, Heilman, cough, cough), and Seo very needed (young starter, cheap, don’t care if Rick the P doesn’t like him). Here’s a link to the article:,0,5714417.story?coll=ny-sports-headlines

The only reason I was upset when we acquired Delgado was due to the bad blood (or alleged bad blood) of last off-season. We have to keep players away from this team who do not want to be here. Remember your buddy, Mr. Beltran? This is THE NEW METS, or LOS METS, and we ONLY want those players who want to be here (whether or not they speak Spanish is not a pre-requisite). Baez has stated that he does NOT want to be a set-up man- do you know something that I don’t know about Billy Wagner’s status? Do you realize that Baez is a free agent after this season? And we have yet to get the better of the Rays in a trade (cough, Kazmir, cough), so why would we want to give them 2/5 of their starting rotation (at less than 1/5 the price of our cheapest starter)?

Say It Ain’t Seo!!! (sorry- in a punny mood tonite)

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