Monday, January 02, 2006

Pelfrey, Where Art Thou???

Okay, in my first (ever) blog entry, I asked Omar Minaya to refrain from trading for Manny Ramirez, primarily because I am loathe to give up Heilman and Milledge, among others. However, as it is now January and we have yet to sign Mike Pelfrey, our #1 draft pick from last year's draft, I would like Mr. Minaya to turn his attentions toward locking up Mr. Pelfrey, for, say, something in the neighborhood of $4.5 mil (is that good, Mr. Boras? Do I get a cut now?) and let's ensure that he has a full spring training to show us his stuff. We're talking about a six foot, seven inch right-handed starter, who throws a fastball between 92 - 97 that has some sink to it, has a plus change-up and is developing a curve. Many scouts feel that he has even better upside then Phil Humber, but right now I'll settle for having him signed so we can judge this for ourselves. I understand why he hasn't signed yet, as the Mets probably felt like keeping him out of winter ball so as not to get injured, and they wanted to tinker with their roster before committing to what they viewed as a sure thing (Pelfrey's signing). However, although we gave a medium-sized country to Boras's client, Carlos Beltran, that was last year, and this is this year, and we can't EVER take negotiations with Boras for granted. Now would be a great time to offset the losses of G. Hernandez and Y. Petit with the addition of Pelfrey, and Met fans can once more dream of a young rotation led by Pelfrey, Bannister, Soler, Humber and Heilman...

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