Thursday, January 26, 2006

Plea to Selig: Expand Roster Sizes - Immediately!!!

Dear Commissioner Selig:

The NFL expanded their rosters to 53 players, with the ability to deactivate players, as an answer to both the expanded 16 game schedule and the addition of new teams to the league. 20 years ago, 25 man rosters worked because pitching was not as specialized as it is now. However, with the necessity of 12-man pitching staffs, teams can't carry extra catchers, outfielders and infielders, which, we believe, especially as it pertains to catchers, discourages a lot of minor leaguers from staying with the "tools of ignorance" as well as handcuffing a lot of organizations. It would be a lot easier to keep a Rule V player if we knew he would be one of 27 instead of one of 25.

Therefore, our suggestion, especially with the use of the DH in interleague play, is to expand the rosters for all major league teams to 27, effective immediately, with an additional expansion to 30 by the year 2010. Pitchers who complete 15, let alone 5, games per year, are a thing of the past- so should the 25 man roster be a thing of the past, too!

Look at the Mets this year- while it was a great move adding Julio Franco, for his leadership, work ethic and excellent role-playing, if he is needed for more than 10 starts at 1B, we are in trouble because without Delgado starting at least 150 games, we have no chance for a first place finish! And since Franco can only play 1B or DH, our bench is now severely limited. Add 2 more roster spots, and that point is moot and we can more easily carry a space for the deserving Franco - happily!

Think about it, this time of great prosperity in the game, let's share the wealth and ease the burden on GMs all over the country!

Your Fans & Baseball Lovers,
David & Jonathan

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