Thursday, January 26, 2006

All-Time Most Disappointing Mets Team

Rather than put together a worst Mets team ever (and you can thank us now, Jim Beachump & Phil Hennigan), we thought we'd list our all-time most disappointing team. Basically, everyone on this list was supposed to perform well above what their actual production levels were, meaning we got nothing for our money (both ticketholders & ownership alike).

1B: Mo Vaughan (let's move onto less "weightier" matters)
2B: Robby Alomar (every time a star from another team...)
SS: Tony Fernandez (joins the Mets with high expectations...)
3B: Jim Fregosi (they seem to fail miserably...)
LF: Vince Coleman (firecracker my a**)
CF: Juan Samuel (don't even want to discuss him- see earlier post)
RF: George Foster (See Alomar, Fernandez & Fregosi- as in getting old before his time)
C: Mackey Sasser (still chasing that throw into center field)
P: Mickey Lolich (although they weighed the same, Staub = all star seasons, Lolich = bust!)
P: Pat Zachry (From rookie of the year to out in the cold in the blink of an eye)
P: Kevin Appier (one okay season and gone)
P: Randy Jones (great guy, great hot dogs in SD @ his stand, did nothing for us)
RP: Armando Benitez (the ultimate in roller-coaster pitching- my stomach's still sick!)
DH: Ellis Valentine (although he didn't have to ever DH, we HAD to get him in here!)
Manager: Jeff Torborg (man, did we expect more from him!)
Honorable Mentions: Tim Leary, Junior Ortiz, Carlos Baerga, Paul Wilson-Jason Isringhausen-Bill Pulsipher, Bret Sabergagen (especially every other year)
All-Time Biggest Homegrown Bust: Gregg Jeffries

As much as I'd like to add Bobby Bonilla to this list, he still had a few good years for us, and wasn't a total bust (at least ON the field) - so he's exempt. I would have excepted Benitez, but even when he WAS good, he still was disappointing!

Who would you like to see added to this list??? Let us know.

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Lee said...

Bobby Bonilla - bust