Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Honoring The '86 Mets

Has it been 20 years already??? It's amazing that it has been that long since we actually saw, for the first time, that ball blessedly roll through Buckner's legs. Imagine a young Dwight Gooden sweating on the mound in August heat, reaching back for that extra something in the 8th inning (no jokes, please)...or Nails crashing into a wall to field what looked like a routine fly ball...Ray Knight getting a clutch hit...and Darryl, in all his glory, strutting to the plate, and all of us feeling that there was no way he'd ever make an out! Man, that was an amazing feeling...and now we can celebrate it all over again this August (the 19th) at Shea as the Mets plan a season-long celebration to celebrate our beloved '86 Mets. With Mex & Darling in the booth, The Kid in the Hall and Straw back in a Mets uniform, things are starting to feel right in the world again...what more is there to say then - LET'S GO METS!!!! (Now get your rally caps on!!!)

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