Sunday, March 05, 2006

Catching Up- Lots to Discuss - Part 1

Sorry for the gap in posts- too much going on "at home" but without further ado, let's address what's going on, and get back on track as we approach the greatest day of the year, opening day!

~Mets played on ESPN today, vs. Puerto Rican WBC team, and in one game, we saw Pelfrey, Milledge and the debut of Fernando Martinez, the 17 year old OF phenom the Mets signed for 1.4 mil in the offseason. With Anderson Hernandez having a great camp, Victor Diaz hitting well, Philip Humber coming back from injury, John Maine and Brian Bannister battling for a spot, and Heilman pitching well in his quest to be our 5th starter, it certainly looks to me like the Mets have more really good young players in camp then they have in a long, long time. Realistically, Omar has just started really putting his imprint onto our organization, as the signings of Beltran and Martinez last year was just the start to improving the major league roster. While trading away the likes of Petit, Hernandez and Jacobs (see pic above- I took this in Spring Training in 2004) this offseason, he also imported superstars in the making in Pelfrey and Martinez, and you can bet that the Mets will continue to sign great young talent while bolstering their major league club. Don't get down about the terrible rating our minor leagues received in Baseball America- remember, they're the ones who labelled the likes of Shawn Abner, Gregg Jeffries and Alex Escobar as "can't - miss" prospects.
~FUNNY NOTE- During the ESPN game today, they had an extensive interview with Pedro. During the interview, they posted a stat box that listed Pedro's age as "340"!!! I KNEW he was lying about his age!!!
~With Brett Boone's retirement, Anderson Hernandez HAS to be looked at as the favorite to start the year as our second baseman. Forget Kaz, as he will be gone no later than June, one way or the other. Hernandez injects us with even more life, and he can further energize the top or bottom of the order. He will be more than fine defensively, and his hitting will be a major plus over Kaz's lack of production last year. Keppinger will be a great back-up, if we can carry him on the roster, otherwise it will be up to Woodward and Valentin to back him up. It's got to be painfully obvious to everyone that Kaz must go.
~Omar was interviewed during the game today, and he actually made Steve Philips laugh- he was asked if he is done with the rotation, and Omar said you can ask Steve- he is NEVER done! Philips admitted Omar was his idea guy, suggesting something to him one day, and then 3 or 4 days later Philips would offer the same idea and Omar would say "why didn't I think of that" - in a totally joking manner! Always great to hear Omar, and always exciting to have him around!
~Who is this Coronado and why doesn't Baseball America look at him as a great prospect? He made 2 amazing plays in the hole during today's game, and he's never mentioned.

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