Sunday, March 05, 2006

Which Cliff Floyd will we see this year?

Continuing our series of articles previewing this year's club, we ask the important question, "Which Cliff Floyd will we see this year?" (I took this photo in Spring 2004) Floyd's career has been one of great ups and downs. When he is healthy, pencil him in for 30 homers, 95 rbi's and a 280 avg. Although it doesn't always look like it, he actually can be an excellent fielder. Last year, other than Wright, he was our most consistent hitter, and his fielding left me wondering why he didn't win a gold glove, let alone receive more consideration for it. Floyd's production proved to be a major reason why we were over .500 last year. Even with the additions of Delgado, Lo Duca and Nady, Floyd will be counted on just as much offensively this year as he was last year. He is a major positive influence in the clubhouse, and keeps David Wright going. Floyd has only had 5 years playing in 120 games or more, since coming up in 1993, and he has had a total of 5 really good seasons, only one with the Mets (2005). Floyd's success has, realistically, been totally tied to his health. If he remains healthy this year, like he did last year, he can top his best two-years-in-succession, 2000 - 2001. Floyd's health is as much a concern as Pedro's toe, because we don't have a big bat to replace him if he is out for any length of time, and I'd hate to see us rush Milledge up to the big show before he's ready simply to replace Floyd.

Prediction: Floyd remains healthy, and matches his numbers of last year.

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