Sunday, March 05, 2006

What batting order will Willie Use?

Continuing our look at the Mets upcoming season, one of the most debated topics amongst Mets fans is what line-up will Willie use this year. Logically, it should be:

Lo Duca:C

He might use Lo Duca in the second hole, which might in theory be okay, but that moves Beltran to third, a spot where he hasn't had much success to date. With 2 speedy guys ahead of him, and Floyd and Delgado behind him, this lineup also allows Wright to maximize his RBI opportunities, and also leaves us with a pretty potent bottom-of-the-order in Lo Duca and Hernandez, which will offer Reyes RBI opportunities as well. No matter how Willie goes, he is going to get criticism, especially if he plays the same hunches that were not successful last year. At least with this lineup, seemingly, at least, we stand the best chance of consistent offensive success. The less the line-up has to be tampered with, the better performances we can expect from Wright, Beltran, et al. Consistency is something that all really successful clubs achieve, and we have to start with fielding a consistent line-up this year. Hopefully the player's success this spring will dictate the order more than what Willie "wants" it to be. I know that Mets fans have had an entire offseason to play fantasy GM/manager with this club, and we certainly have the pieces to have a lot of fun with. It's up to Willie how it all fits together, and that usually equates to heartburn for Mets fans...

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