Sunday, April 30, 2006

Piazza In Petco- And Wright's Behind!

Okay, cheap headlines, but I had to plug the fact that I didn't wear just one jersey to Petco, I wore TWO - in the heat!! Black uniforms, no less! In support of my new buddy, Charlie Samuels!! Plus, before I knew how welcome the San Diego fans would be of anyone in a Mets uniform, I figured Piazza was a safe bet! There were TONS of Mets fans in San Diego for the 3-game series, and I was treated very well by the fans sitting around us- and there were plenty of Metsies all around, just in the marines were sitting in far right field, so there was a feeling of safety all least until Zambrano took the mound! Here's the marines!!! They (rightly) got the biggest applause of the night!! (They are the green-clad men in the middle of the picture!) Semper Fi!!!!

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