Sunday, April 30, 2006

Charlie & The Pinstripe Controversey!

Poor Charlie Samuels- he was heckled by a box seat holder who came all the way from NY about the Mets' infrequent use of the good ole' pinstriped uniforms. Samuels had 2 retorts- the Mets record in pinstripes last year was 1-11, and the pitchers HATE the uniforms because they're too bulky! Personally, I think there's something clean and elegant about the uniforms, and I have a George Thomas Seaver uniform that I love. However, I don't have to wear it in 100 degree heat (and don't, for that matter), and whatever makes our pitchers' lives easier, I am all for! So leave poor Charlie alone, and let the pinstripes become our special occasion uni's!

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