Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Milledge, Wearing #44, Makes Amazing Throw From RF!!

It's now the 7th inning of a shut-out, as both Webb and Pedro look unhittable! However, the real story of the game so far is Lasting Milledge's throw from RF to 3B, a bullet the likes I haven't seen from a Mets' outfielder in ages, beating the runner to third by inches! Amazing!! As we wrote a few columns ago, Xavier Nady might come back from his injury only to find himself out of a job! These are the type of problems we long to have!!! Also, Cliff Floyd had another hit, and if he is back and Delgado gets hot soon, we could be looking at another set of offensive bursts soon. Let's hope Pedro gets some of that, as we need to win games where he gives us 7 innings of shut-out ball!!!

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