Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Rotation Option???

Aaron Sele, former major leaguer with the Angels, Red Sox, et al, is toiling in AAA for the Dodgers in Las Vegas. The Dodgers apparently have no desire to promote him, and owe him $900,000 if he makes it to their major league roster this season. With teams lurking about, waiting for the Dodgers to release Sele, might the Mets take a chance and offer to pay half to secure Sele's services? We've already wasted about $900,000 on steroid "monster" Iriki (see - we told you he reaks!), so why not spend half that for a proven major league starter, albeit one on his apparent last legs? Better we give it a shot for a few weeks, and possibly get a half season or so out of him - how much worse can he be then Darren Oliver or throwing rookies up during a hopeful pennant run? Just a thought...

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