Saturday, May 06, 2006

Those Amazing, Amazing, Amazing, Amazing, Amazing, Amazing METS!!!!

Said the Mighty Casey Stengel! Boys and Girls, Mets' fans of all ages -this is our year- and I don't say it lightly! It's a feeling that I had in mid-1973, again more intesely in 1986, lighter in 1988 (damn Orel!) and again in 2000 - that feeling that we're in EVERY game, until the last out, and even on our worst day, we can still pull one out (although in 2000, it wavered in and out way too much for my liking). The character of this team was on display for all to see these past 2 days, as the Mets pulled out 2 from the Braves, one in extra innings, and one where we were up and almost blew it, and WOULD have blown it, were it another season! Even with Zambrano coming out of the game after striking out Andruw Jones, only a day before Jose Lima (gulp!) takes on John Smoltz! I would love to have a healthy Bannister, a Trachsel who looks right, and a healthy Zambrano - that's not the case, and I would STILL rather have Aaron Sele then throwing Lima-batting practice- time out there on a day we could sweep Los Bravos and really make an impact!! Soler isn't ready, nor is Pelfrey, and why rush them? Gonzalez and Scobie aren't the answer, and it looks like Heilman will NOT get a start any time soon - so again, I reiterate, I'd love to have Sele make his NL debut with us, as it will only cost $$, and Omar has gone on record stating that we have over $15,000,000 to spend if the right opportunity presents itself! We've wasted money on way worse moves (Baldwin, Erickson, Iriki, et al), and even resigned Jose Offerman (ugh)! Let's give a guy with pennant experience a shot!

Finally, Juan Samuel, the manager of the B-Mets and bane of many long-time Mets fans' existence, was hit in the face by a foul ball and was operated on (his nose & cheekbone). I can't believe I'm saying this, but get well soon, Juan - all is forgiven (okay, maybe not, but we still wish him well!)

***BREAKING NEWS!!! Victor Zambrano tore a flexor in his elbow and will miss the rest of the season, and Aaron Sele was promoted by the Dodgers to fill the AWOL Odalis Perez' spot- see- if we had only traded for Sele a week ago as I suggested, we'd be in a whole lot better spot right now!

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