Monday, May 08, 2006

What 'Chu Talkin' 'Bout, (Dontrelle) Willis???? Will Marlins Make A Lasting(s) Impression???!!!

The big rumor making it's way around the internet & talk radio today, regarding the Mets, is a potential Dontrelle Willis for Lastings Milledge swap. One of the rumored proposals we heard was Milledge, Bell, Harper, Flores & Schmoll to the Marlins for Willis & the return of Gabby Hernandez. The Mets would also throw in enough cash to pay for Bell & Schmoll's major league salaries. However it might play out, Dontrelle is just about the ONLY player we at Trades, Tirades & GM Grades would be interested in receiving in order to part with Lastings (this side of Albert Pujols, but let's all live in THIS Solar System!) Willis is young, is club property for 4 years (including this one) before becoming a free agent, and has an amazing personality. Just imagine what he could grow into under the tutelage of 2 future hall-of-famers like Pedro & Glavine, and the endorsemnt potential he could realize in the New York market!!! Willis could combine with Pelfrey to give the Mets the best young 1-2 punch since the beginning of the Smoltz-Glavine days (before Maddux arrived!) Omar was quoted earlier today as being concerned with Cliff Floyd's performance, and that would make a trade of Milledge that much harder to pull the trigger on. Don't know whether he is increasing Milledge's trade value at a time when it's obvious to all other clubs that we need starting pitching, but remember- Omar is the same person who got villified for dealing Cameron for Nady before Nady ever swung a bat for us, and we see how that trade is going, so leave it to Omar to make something happen!!! In the meantime, we at Trades, Tirades & GM Grades are clicking our red shoes together 3 times, saying "I want Willis to Come to Shea, I want Willis to Come to Shea, I want Willis to Come to Shea!" Let's hope it works!!!

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