Monday, May 08, 2006

Say It Ain't "O"...

Having lived in the Los Angeles area for the better part of 13 years, I have had occasion to view more than my fair share of Dodgers' games, both in person and on the tube. Odalis Perez has been, during his Dodger tenure, my Victor Zambrano - and by that, I mean that it always seems as though I am getting tix to a Dodger game when he is starting. I have seen him live and in-person over a dozen times, and he soooooo reminds me of Zambrano - great stuff, yet can't put it together, and even the best pitching coaches (Jim Colborn, Rick Peterson) can't straighten them out. Fans get frustrated by pitchers like this far more than those who don't have their natural talent, as it remains a mystery how someone with either blazing speed or wicked movement can't put it together...and yet we are now rumored (see today's LA Times) to be looking into the AWOL Perez as an option for the same rotation that just lost Zambrano to a season-ending injury. Somewhere in there Mr. Murphy (of that damned LAW) is laughing at us...I can only add that if it takes ANY kind of player package to get Perez, we are overpaying, especially if it contains someone like Victor Diaz. And isn't it ironic that we traded a starting pitcher, Seo, to the Dodgers, for 2 relievers, Sanchez & Schmoll, and it met each of our needs at the time...and now, with injuries to Gagne & Brezylbane for the Dodgers & Zambrano, Maine & Bannister for our Metsies, we are the ones who need starters and the Dodgers are the ones who need relievers...oh won't these tangled webs untangle themselves!!

We here at Trades, Tirades & GM Grades say a big "NAY" to the acquisition of Perez, unless it's for NO players and the Dodgers agree to pay HALF of the $19 or so million he is owed over the next 2 years!

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