Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Xavier Pipp?? Milledge Promoted- Hopes To Make A Lastings Impression!

Mets Rightfielder Xavier Nady was rushed to the hospital early this morning, as doctors performed an emergency appendectomy. He will probably be out 2-4 weeks, as his doctors say he can resume baseball activities in 7-10 days (which means at least 15 days on the DL). We wish him a speedy and full recovery!! In the meantime, one door closes and another opens, as the Mets promoted OF prospect Lastings Milledge, and they hope to have him suited up for tonite's game in Arizona. Milledge has long been the subject of trade rumors, specifically regarding the A's Barry Zito, and this is a great opportunity for Milledge to prove the hype has been justified and that he is ready to hit major league pitching. Wally Pipp was the first baseman for the Yankees, and a pretty good one, in the early 1920's. Pipp got hurt, and some guy named Lou Gehrig came in to take his place and, years later, Pipp is only remembered as the guy Gehrig replaced. Let's hope Nady recovers well enough, and quick enough, to continue playing a role on this pennant-contending team and not be lost to history as our version of Pipp. Let's also hope that Milledge does amazing well in his try-out and we end up with a wealth of riches in the outfield for a change. This might not be the way he wanted to gte his break, but now he has to make the most of it, and Milledge seems like he's ready for stardom. Mets' fans sure hope so!!!

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