Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Feelin' Like '86...

The trade of Kaz Matsui brought something interesting to mind. In 1986, we had a team in harmony, full of cocky players and great talent. We also started the year with a player who represented one of the worst pick-ups in our history, one George Foster, who forgot how to hit once he became a Met (like so many before and after him). One of Frank Cashen's greatest moves, in our opinion, was ridding the team of Foster before the season was over, as his presence caused resentment in Mets' fans at a time when we were celebrating the greatest year (dominance wise) in our history. We think that Omar's ridding the team of Kaz is similar to Cashen's move with Foster, and we applaud Omar now like we applauded Cashen then.

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