Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Newsday Shows Some (Mets) Love...

In Tuesday's New York Newsday, the back cover says it all- "Best In The Show!!!" Inside, there are 2 great articles, one by David Lennon, "From Crumbs To Upper Crust," which can be read by clicking here, and one by Johnette Howard, "Minaya's Many Marvels," which can be read by clicking here.

In Lennon's piece, he lauds the coming of David Wright into elite stardom, proclaiming that Wright "is pushing to be included among baseball's elite, and his offensive numbers this year suggest he will be granted membership to that exclusive club before very long."

Regarding the reasons for Wright's emerging star status, Lennon adds "not only does Wright have the physical tools to make him a great hitter, his pitch selection separates him from the pack. It's that combination of instinct and intellect that most impresses those around Wright."

Lennon quotes Mets' hitting coach Rick Downs, who was Derek Jeter's hitting coach with the Yankees, as saying that Wright has the edge as a hitter: "They both stay inside the baseball," Down said, referring to their knack for hitting to the opposite field. "But he's (Wright) a little stronger than Jeter, and his pitch selection is a little better than Jeter's."

Definitely a great read. Here's a pic I took at the Dodgers' game of Mr. Wright!

In Howard's article, she basically confirms what we've been saying since the first day we started this blog- Omar knows how to build a winning baseball club, for both now and the long haul!

From Howard:

This season has underscored that Minaya also excels at building a complete team. He knows talent. He's decisive. He pays attention to clubhouse dynamics, not just the architecture of the roster. Minaya brought in 47-year-old Julio Franco and Carlos Delgado to add leadership. He won over country-boy closer Billy Wagner. He didn't care if trading reliever Jorge Julio, whom he just landed for starter Kris Benson, could've been seen as tacit admission he should've gotten more; he flipped Julio to Arizona for Orlando Hernandez, anyway. The other day, El Duque rewarded Minaya with a complete-game win.The Mets now have a mix of youthful exuberance and experience, balance and depth, consummate pros and lively personalities who can sustain winning over a long season.

At the end of the article, David Lennon adds his "Five Ways To Beat The NL Heat" - which could also be entitled "What the Mets Need To Do Not To Screw This Season Up!" Lennon's points -

1.) Protect Pedro & Glavine - so far, so good.
2.) Let's Make A Deal? - basically says we need to resist temptation to make a trade for trade's sake. Agreed.
3.) Keep Beltran on MVP Track - If Pujols' injury continues, he's well on his way.
4.) Closing Arguments- Willie & Wagner need to be on the same page, regarding how Billy is used, and they seem to be improving their communication, which is necessary.
5.) Willie's Way- Basically, Randolph's line-up changes have worked out well so far...still a long way to go, though, Mr. Lennon...

Nice to see the Mets being the topic of choice in NY once again...

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