Monday, June 12, 2006

How Sweep It Is!!!...

Once again, real life (in the form of a day job) intrudes and made it impossible to post on Sunday - and what a weekend to miss out on posting!!! We'll run down some of the highlights:

~The Mets SWEEP the D-Backs!!! Need we say more - except- it was a 4-game series!!!!

~Carlos Beltran brings back memories of a play-off series in Houston, winning the NL Player of The Week Award (officially known as "Bank of America Presents The National League Player of The Week..." - thanks to Shea Nation for the exact name - linked
here). Beltran is having a great year, the kind of year that we all hoped for when we signed him, and no one seems to be booing him right now, do they?? Except for the opposition, of course...

~Alay Soler pitched a fantastic game on Saturday, doing O-Hern one better by pitching a complete game shut-out. My friend, Lynn, went to the game versus the Dodgers last week, and was impressed by the variety of pitches Soler throws. Well, he went one better on Saturday and it looks like, for now, the rotation problems we had and worried about may (dare we say it) finally be under control...

~First weekend without Kaz - did anyone notice???

~Jeff Keppinger is still at AAA - Just wanted to remind you in case you forgot!

~Wright, Beltran & Delgado (who has also been on fire lately) are one-upping each other in the RBI race.

~Reyes & Beltran are within shouting distance from the top All-Star spots at their positions, so make sure you vote- and VOTE OFTEN!!! Go to
mlb's website (click the link) and you can vote! David Wright is now leading Scott Rolen at 3B, and Paul Lo Duca continues to out-poll Mike Piazza at catcher. With Tom Glavine doing so well, could we possibly have Lo Duca, Reyes, Wright, Beltran & Glavine in the game at the same time??? VOTE!!!!

~Jose Reyes now has one less walk, on June 12th, then he did all of last year- that says PROGRESS, folks!

~Pedro FINALLY won one!!! Figures that I was supposed to be in Arizona this weekend and would have caught the games on Saturday & Sunday- a subscription to mlb via the internet is the next best thing (when your internet connection doesn't take a dump on you!)

~Isn't it amazing that it's June 12th and the Phils are more then 6 games back and the Braves are 10 back and we ara still tweeking our team? Remember- IN OMAR, WE TRUST!!!!

~There- now we are caught up (briefly)- sorry we didn't have links to the best news articles about the Mets this Sunday, but it will be back next weekend!!

~BRING ON THE PHILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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