Saturday, June 10, 2006

Z For Zito...

In today's Newsday, Bob Herzog has a brief article about the always-on-the-mind-of-Mets'-fans Barry Zito. When asked about whether he had a preference between the Mets and Yanks, the politically-correct Zito responded:
"No preference. There are so many factors. I haven't even thought about it and I won't until I have to. I don't really know what will happen. And I can't really say all bets are off with the A's, either."

Billy Beane has certainly coached Zito well, as has his agent. Mets' fans hope that the Rick Peterson connection will make a difference, as Peterson was his pitching coach with the A's, their work together resulting in a Cy Young Award for Zito. It's obvious Omar has no intention of trading Lastings Milledge for Zito right now, especially with the injuries to Floyd & Nady & taking into consideration the fact that Zito is a free agent at the end of the year. We are getting tired of writing and thinking about the possibility of landing Zito, but it will all have been worth it if we do land the great lefty. Earlier this year Zito wasn't looking like the star pitcher he is, but he's turned it up a notch in the last month plus and is pitching beautifully right now! Imagine what he could do in the NL with no DH!! Let's see....A-Rod, Vlad, Soriano...we're not getting our hopes up- but we WOULD buy Zito jerseys the day a trade was made!!! A link to Herzog's article can be found here.

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