Friday, July 14, 2006

Mets To Finger Freddy???

According to today's NY Daily News, the Chicago White Sox are on the look-out for relief help and have made it known to the Mets that both Javy Vasquez & Freddy Garcia might be available for a package that would include Aaron Heilman. Garcia has been a hit-and-miss pitcher during a career that has taken him from Houston to Seattle (Randy Johnson trade) to Chicago. Garcia is currently 10-5 with the Sox, with an ERA of 4.91. He will most certainly benefit from going to a league without the DH, and his ERA should be expected to come down around a point or more. The Mets are also rumored to still be in the hunt for Jorge Cantu from the Devil Rays. After trading Aubrey Huff for a pair of minor leaguers, it's possibl that Tampa might be asking for a reasonable trade package in exchange for Cantu, which would certainly be a switch from their recent trade strategies. Omar was on WFAN a few days ago and acknowledged that while he believes in the team he has assembled, he would still like to add some starting pitching. If the price isn't too steep, and he can get Cantu, too, without giving up the likes of Milledge or Owens, it would seem to be a no-brainer (or two)'s not the Winter Meetings, but the next 16 days should prove very, very interesting...

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